What Impacts Your Credit Report

http://www.transunion.com/personal-credit/ask-audrey/late-payments-credit-report.page Paid off your credit card or other debt? Congratulations! But wondering…

EDIT: Apparently the band’s being replaced due to Experian, the parent company of FreeCreditReport, forcibly changing the brand name to “FreeCreditScore.com”…
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25 thoughts on “What Impacts Your Credit Report

  1. Yes! These are my absolute favorite commercials ever! I memorized them
    right away when they came out. :D?

  2. my favs were dream girl, and the cellphone one. to be fair though, they
    were all good and were a nice break from the other ads on at the time.?

  3. a band in Western Ohio , called plays this music. as an outro to break in
    their sets…pretty funky.?

  4. “If I knew her credit score sucked I would’ve dumped this bitch a long time

  5. I remember me and my little brother had all of the original free credit
    commercials memorized back when they aired.

  6. Read the description. It was originally free credit report then they
    replaced the band when they changed it to free credit score. But the old
    band is back now which is good because the new one sucked.

  7. ABSOLUTELY!!! When I saw the new one I just HAD to come back and refresh my
    memory. Used a lot of these ditties to make funny songs for my friends,
    used to know them all, great to see them back!!

  8. just noticed taht the girls in the car who laughed at them, are the same
    girls they pass in the new commercial!